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In our 100,000 square foot Fairfield, NJ production facility we house a unique array of machinery including some of latest converting technology. We continually invest in technology and equipment, including over $2 million since 2017. With these capabilities we make our size and scale work for you. We can service your business large or small.

Decker Tape is the lead in surface print technology in the United States. We have been printing tapes since 1981 and have continued to improve our capabilities and capacity for the past 30 years.
9 printing presses that run two shifts a day four days a week
6”, 12”, and 15” width flexographic printing presses
Up to 5 colors print
Surface and adhesive side print
Printing on many substrates including: Polypropylene, PVC, Masking tape, Flatback tape, Filament tape, Polyethylene, Water activated tape

Wide web slitting enables us to convert materials in the most time efficient manner while maintaining the highest quality standards. We have heavily invested in wide web converting and believe this is the best way to stay relevant in the global tape market.
8 wide web slitting machines
4 fully automatic Guzzetti slitting machines
Capable of handling widths up to 2.0 Meters wide
Precision tension controls
Core sizes: 1”, 1.5”, 3”
Slitting techniques: score, shear, razor

Narrow web width slitting of materials of widths of 24” and less. This gives Decker Tape the flexibility to convert a variety of materials using a variety of slitting techniques. Our department of 6 - 12” rewind slitters is the core or the Decker Tape slitting department.
Slitting techniques: razor, score, shear, rotary die
Widths from 1/8” to 24”
Core sizes: 1”, 1 ½”, 2”, 3”

Lathe slitting offers flexibility for converting log rolls to finished rolls at a variety of widths. It offers tight tolerances and short set up time for converting many different materials. Excellent for slitting of single sided and double coated foam tapes, pvc, polyethylene protective films, and much more
Single blade slitting
Widths: 1/8” up to 60”
Core sizes: 1”, 3”

A mainstay in the Decker Tape capabilities; our two multi head spoolers are capable of traverse winding many different materials including but not limited to: masking tape, double coated tape, polypropylene, finger lift tapes, foam tapes, tape handles. These state of the art machines offer extremely tight tolerances, and tension controls giving us the ability to spool even the most difficult of substrates.
Slitting techniques: razor, score, shear
Widths: 1/8” to 2”
Core sizes: 3”, 6”
Core width: 2” to 12”

Decker Tape offers a variety of different laminating services including narrow web to wide web. We can combine many different substrates including: release liners, double coated tapes, masking tapes, carton sealing tapes, papers, etc.

Using our expansive line of machinery we can offer a variety of stock materials and release liners to meet the demands of your die cutting project. With 9 machines with die cut capabilities up to 15” width. Some applications include: VHB tapes, high bond acrylic foams, double coated tapes, high temperature masking tapes, powder coating tapes, UHMW tapes, protective film, etc.
Die cutting
Multiple layer lamination and die cut in one pass
Island placement
Cut and place
Up to 6 color print
Unlimited materials and configurations
Short run and long run capabilities

5 label presses with sheeting capabilities
3 index and cut machines
Roll to sheet or sheet to sheet capabilities
Widths up to 42”
Laminate and sheet in one pass

Up to 42” width
Variety of materials