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Development and research has always been important to Decker Tape. As a result, Decker Tape has invested greatly into acquiring state-of-the-art machinery, developing unique machining customization processes, and researching new industry advances to benefit clientele. The development of this in-depth research has resulted in more affordable, high quality products that can be tailored to suit unique project needs.

Because of the importance Decker Tape places on research and development, Decker Tape has repeatedly broken new ground in America’s tape customization industry. The following examples prove Decker Tape’s dedication to invention, customization, and innovation.

  • Decker Tape was the first tape converter to bring in an automated slitter in the United States.

  • Decker Tape also proudly owns a high quality Guzzetti slitting machine capable of being customized for client needs.

  • Decker Tape also holds the honor of being one of the first companies to invest in Flexographic printing in the United States.

Improving craftsmanship and innovation always requires a certain amount of research and development. Decker’s strong commitment to leading the way for tape converters is what has made them a long-lasting, reliable company for decades. It’s also why Decker Tape will continue to improve the way tape is made.

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