Decker Tape

Decker Tape is New Jersey’s leading family owned and operated manufacturer, converter, and printer of specialty tapes. Established in 1969, Decker Tape has built a strong foundation by using cutting-edge technology, an excellent work ethic, and a deep dedication to research in order to create top quality products.

Custom Capabilities

Decker Tape has become a mainstay provider of high quality standard and specialty tape products. Decker Tape’s unique fleet of customizable machines allows the company to provide expert services in the following fields:

  • Die-Cutting

  • Laminating

  • Color Printing

  • Sheeting

  • Spool Winding

  • Custom Slitting

Though Decker Tape does not coat products, they do procure high quality jumbo rolls of tape that allow them to offer a wide range of tape products from every major line. Their expansive tape conversion, modification, and printing capabilities make it possible for tape products of almost any kind to be manufactured and customized affordably.

Innovative Technology

Technology is the cornerstone of Decker Tape’s ability to provide specialty products to clients. Decker Tape also is one of the few companies that regularly customizes machinery in order to create specialty products. Some of the machining equipment that Decker Tape owns includes…

  • A Guzzetti Slitting Machine

  • Two Spoolers

  • Automatic Slitters

  • Narrow Width Slitters

  • Full Width Slitters

  • A 5-Color Flexographic Printer

  • Laminators

  • Specialty Converters

All of Decker Tape’s specialists are highly trained, and are able to offer expert advice to customers who request assistance. Decker Tape also offers specialized consulting services for any and all projects that may involve tape or tape manufacturing.

Quality Products

Decker Tape currently produces expansive lines in the commodity, compliance, and industrial usage categories. Decker Tape offers three major product categories…

Printed Tape

Decker’s printed tape line includes strapping, PVC, polypropylene, film, paper, double-coated, filament, foam, cloth, and duct tapes.

Unprinted Tapes

Unprinted Tapes The company includes every pressure-sensitive tape under the material spectrum. Decker Tape also produces a wide range of specialized tape products, including padded tape and tape handles.


Along with tape products, Decker offers a full catalog of standard stock labels.

Labels can be customized and printed to order as well.

Ordering with Decker Tape

Decker Tape works solely with distributors, and currently holds over a dozen sales offices throughout the United States. The goal behind every process at Decker Tape is to create an ordering experience that is as stress-free as possible while providing top quality products at an affordable price. Orders can be as small as a single case, or as large as several truckloads. Quantity is never an issue!

Decker Tape realizes that many expensive errors are made due to misunderstandings during the order placement phase. In order to prevent loss, Decker Tape ensures that customers have received samples prior to any orders being placed. Every distributor is equipped with the knowledge and tools to create an excellent ordering experience for every customer imaginable.

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