Printing Fulfillment / Bindery

Our Decker Tape Adhesive Transfer Gliders (tape guns) provide the most convenient method of administering our fiberglass-reinforced adhesive transfer tapes. This system provides the smooth lay-down of the tape by automatically rewinding the tape’s liner inside the dispenser as the tape is applied. It also replaces the messy inconvenience of hot glue guns, which not only take time to heat up but also run the risk of potential injury. These devices are commonly used in the print fulfillment industry for the construction of pocket folders and peel & seal envelopes, invitation assembling, and for the construction of point of purchase displays. Used in conjunction with the ATG gun, we offer a full line of ATG tapes ranging from 1.6 mil to 5 mil. Our new 5 mil high-tack product is often used on printed papers that are UV coated and difficult to stick to.