Duct / Cloth / Foil Tape

The extensive line of duct, cloth and foil tapes manufactured at Decker Tape offers a multitude of uses. Our general purpose and premium grade duct tapes come in a variety of colors and are poly-coated and waterproof, with exceptional adhesion and conformability on irregular surfaces. Some common applications for these products include weather/waterproofing, packaging, bundling, canvas and tarpaulin repair, protection, carpet installation, ductwork patching and various construction industry applications. Decker Tape offers uncoated cloth tape providing protection from rough metal surfaces and wrapping hockey sticks, baseball bat handles and work tools. The natural rubber adhesive and cotton cloth are also non-irritating on skin when used as finger protection tape. Our aluminum, lead and copper foil tapes have the ability to adhere to a wide variety of surfaces, perfect for cable wrapping and repair. They can also be used for masking, electroplating, waterproof sealing, x-ray shielding, chemical milling and heat reflection.